Shifting to a winning SAAS culture

Our client is a multinational enterprise software company with £1.9bn revenue, 13,000 employees and offices in 24 countries. The business strategy requires a shift from ‘on premise’ products to SaaS (software as a service) which involves significant cultural change. Our client’s cultural aspiration is to be ‘sticky’ for customers, to have the whole company wrapped around producing customer value. Our client wants to be a company that is exceptional at collaboration across organisational boundaries. They want to be more iterative and faster – increasing speed to market, pace of upgrades and response times to customers and competitors.

We wanted a different set of values and a different set of behaviors that were much more focused on taking us forward and to where we wanted to be in terms of a SaaS company and culture”


We have an awful lot of hope and confidence for what we're going to be able to build over the next few years”


Bottom Line

  • +23 point increase in eNPS.
  • eSAT 81 (+9 above benchmark).
  • Glassdoor +4* rating.
  • Glassdoor CEO 96% approval rating.
  • ExCo believe in 12 months since the original assessment our client's culture has significantly improved in Customer Orientation,.
  • Accountability, Collaboration and Openness.


  • Leaders’ visibly role modelling a Values-led response to COVID-19 which has been a defining moment for our client’s culture and has accelerated adoption of the future culture blueprint.
  • Values and Behaviours integrated throughout the Colleague Experience (Talent Attraction, Performance Management, Capability Development, Recognition) decision-making processes, Brand, Operating Model, Policy and Procedures.
  • Increased trust and pride across the company.
  • Increased pace, collaboration and responsiveness to customers, competitors and market opportunities


  • Deep dive culture diagnostic to understand what the current culture is and why it is that way at root cause level.
  • Refresh of values and behaviours in a very inclusive way - involving employees from across the organisation, leaders and the Board.
  • Creation of a future culture blueprint to support the business strategy.
  • Develop a culture plan and metrics.
  • Culture communications planning and advisory support.
  • Capability build with 50 HR business partners from around the world.
  • Workshops with ~150 policy and process owners to align systems to support the future culture.
  • Top Team culture intensive workshops.