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Walking the Talk | Accountability@work

Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success 

How do you need people to behave to successfully implement your strategy? What is at risk if they do not behave this way? How can you ensure these behaviours are the norm? Building a culture in which these behaviours become supports for your business imperatives is essential if you are to deliver on your goals. Without this, execution is at risk, performance is patchy, your organisation becomes slow to move, internally focused and risk adverse. This book is the most practical guide to how to go about changing a culture available on the market today. It cuts through the hype and confusion, making the concept of culture tangible and achievable. Rich in anecdotes, case studies and insights, the book will give you the confidence and practical know-how to build a culture of success in your own organisation. Essential reading for

  • Executives leading a change in culture who need to show they are ‘walking their talk’, through their own behaviour and decisions, and what behaviours they encourage and those they do not tolerate in others.
  • Leaders who are seeking to accelerate performance by setting standards and shaping the behaviour of their teams.
  • HR. OD and Communication professionals who need to demonstrate value by building, guiding and implementing a culture change process which supports the execution of strategy

Whatever type of culture you need to ensure success, this is the handbook to achieving it.

The revised edition is available to purchase at Amazon.

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Packed with energy, enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude, ‘Walking the Talk’ transforms the dream of change into an every day reality. A must read for any manager embarking on the journey of cultural change.”

Professor Lynda Gratton, London Business School on 'Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success'.

Accountability@work: How to Make and Keep Promises and Have Others do the Same

“You can count on me'' is a phrase we don't hear often enough in the workplace. It is the language of accountability - and putting accountability at the heart of any business can be transformational.

In this step-by-step guide, Carolyn Taylor shows you how to master the promise-making process – both as the one who holds others to account and the one who commits to deliver - and establish a lasting culture of accountability. In today’s world of remote working, VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), empowerment and agile work practices, accountability has to be re-imagined.

This book will help you to consistently:

  • Deliver your promises, and have others do the same.
  • Be a creative and effective leader, holding others to account.
  • Maximise your productivity and capacity to perform.
  • Make real culture change happen within your organisation.
  • Build your reputation as someone people can count on.

This is a book for everyone who relies on others to get things done and everyone who wants to be seen as a consistent and reliable performer or service provider. It is also for everyone who lives inside an organisation who is seeking to build a culture of accountability where people consistently make and keep promises to each other, to customers and to the market.

The first in the @work series: Practical, powerful habits for successful leaders, this book is ideal for the individual, and even better as a gift for all members of your team, helping you build shared language and common habits which will deliver success again and again.

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Making and keeping commitments is probably the most efficient way to gain the trust of others, whether they be our bosses, colleagues, subordinates, customers, or even friends and family. Carolyn Taylor has shown how to do this and why people who do it…are more likely to transform their work environment, the culture of their company, and the society in which we live”


This pocket size book breaks down something incredibly complicated into simple steps that are easy for anyone to follow….(Carolyn) has the art of making something very hard very do-able”


Packed with useful tips and advice, this is a must-read book for anyone who is involved in the business of making or keeping promises.”


Carolyn’s unique approach in driving individual and collective accountability helped me and my team discover new levels of ambition and outpace the speed of change in the US healthcare environment."