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I must say that from all the other attempts at Cultural Change end values-led businesses that I have seen – Walking the Talk's approach and methodology remains the most impactful that I know. There are many theoreticians out there on Cultural Change – but few that have really driven systemic behavioural change that is sustainable."

David Thodey, Chairman of CSIRO & Former CEO of Telstra

While the theory of managing, leading and influencing culture is readily grasped by most, the actual ‘doing’ is the hard thing and that’s where Walking the Talk have provided a framework and support which allowed us to put our work on culture into action."

Senior leader, Aviaton Industry

Leaders cast a long shadow and we learnt that our behaviour was influencing the organisation in ways we never knew."

Telecommunications corporate culture
Kevin Russell, CEO, 3UK

The investment we’ve made in the Walking the Talk methodology has put our company on the right track for building a true culture for success. Building the strength to hold up the mirror and understanding the reach and effect of the shadows we cast as leaders is truly at the core of our culture understanding."

Organisational culture clients
Director, Utilities industry

During my 23 year career I've had few workshop sessions like these on team culture and behaviours…I can without hesitation tell you this one was one of the best I had! it was a great , impactful and very enjoyable moment , same feeling shared by the entire team and we all came out very energized with the conviction our team culture grew during these 2 days."

Vice President Operations, FMCG Company
Vice President Operations, FMCG Company

The insights have allowed us to really understand our culture and its impact on business performance. The report is so practical – it is now clear where we need to focus for change."
Senior leader, Financial Services client

Walking the Talk bring humility to another level without ever losing impact. They were always relevant and present, without ever being in residence."

ArcelorMittal culture
Director of People, Communication, Social Investment & Innovation, ArcelorMittal

Although organizational culture management has been a consolidated practice at Samarco for more than 10 years, it is still a major challenge, as it is for other corporations, and has become even more complex in the current context, especially due to new forms of work and social distance. The partnership with Walking the Talk has helped us do a better reading of the environment, which has led us to more assertive actions, even in such different environments. Through a simple methodology and a strong partnership, we have been able to reflect on our challenges and materialize our purpose in actions for cultural evolution."

Samarco Logo
General Manager of Human and Organisational Development, Samarco

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