Walking the Talk - Case Studies

At Walking the Talk we pride ourselves in the services we provide to our clients and the value we bring to their businesses. Some of our customers have shared their own stories of overcoming culture challenges through our products and services in our case studies

Download our Case Studies below: 

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Topic: Case Studies | Pharmaceutical
Our mission was to help the client create a winning culture that would enable them to capitalise on their strong product pipeline over the next 10 years.
Case Studies Pharmaceutical
SA Water is a wholly owned Government Corporation
Topic: Case Studies | Utility
SA Water has made an astonishing transformation. In our experience there are few organisations that have been working on their culture in such a positive manner for so long.
Case Studies Utility
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Topic: Case Studies | Telecoms
Walking the Talk ran a series of workshops with the Executive Team over an 18-month period, systematically examining their personal behaviour, as well as symbolic 
Case Studies Telecoms
Government Case Study | Culture Transformation Case Study
Topic: Case Studies | Government
For years this organisation has successfully provided some of the fundamental infrastructure services required by the community to go about its daily life.
Case Studies Government
Insurance Company Case Study | Culture Transformation
Topic: Case Studies | Insurance
Walking the Talk was chosen out of a selection of consultants, because our culture management and leadership methodology showed the end-to-end solution needed to successfully change the organisations culture.
Case Studies Insurance
Itau needed to put in place a more structured approach
Topic: Case Studies | Financial
Maintaining customer centricity & ethical values in the face of an acquisition & rapid growth.
Case Studies Financial
GPT Case Study | Culture Change Case Study
Topic: Case Studies | Property Management
GPT is one of Australia's largest diversified listed property groups. The Group’s 40-year history of success was jeopardised by a loss of strategic clarity of global financial crisis.
Case Studies Property Management
IRT Group Case Study
Topic: Case Studies | Healthcare
IRT Group is one of Australia’s largest community-owned providers of seniors’ lifestyle & care.
Case Studies Healthcare
UK Bank case study | Organisational Culture Change
Topic: Case Studies | Financial

Culture was not a new concept to our client, in fact part of the challenge for the UK bank was bringing together culture goals from a number of sources and aligning that with what they wanted to achieve.

Case Studies Financial
ABSA Case Study | Culture Change
Topic: Case Studies | Financial
We worked with a joint Barclays/Absa client team to establish the leadership and cultural conditions for success of this transaction.
Case Studies Financial
THREE CASE STUDY | Culture transformation
Topic: Case Studies | Telecoms
This case study follows the cultural management process of 3UK, a British telecommunications company, focused on rapidly emerging 3G mobile internet services, for the years 2007- 2011.
Case Studies Telecoms
Steel Manufacturer Case Study | Organisational Culture
Topic: Case Studies | Steel
Our client is one of the world’s leading companies of steel production and employs over 45,000 people globally.
Case Studies Steel
ASA Case Study | Culture Change
Topic: Case Studies | Airlines
The organisation realised that it needed to do things differently in order to successfully meet those challenges, as the existing culture was either slowing down the change process or making it very hard.
Case Studies Airlines