Our Story.

Our story

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

If our 25 years observing organisations at work has taught us anything, it’s this: culture is shaped not by what gets said (the ‘talk’) but by what gets done (the ‘walk’). It’s an idea so powerfully simple that we ultimately named our consultancy after it.

Carolyn Taylor, our Co-Founder & Executive Chair, has been one of the world’s foremost organisational culture experts since the days when ‘culture’ was something you made yoghurt with. Initially, through her company Corporate Vision, then with Walking the Talk.

The mission has always been clear: to make the dream of a thriving, sustainable culture a reality for every business.

From the very start, we’ve invested heavily in creating a groundbreaking, easy-to-use methodology that makes the ‘soft’ and intangible pragmatic and do-able.

Culture transformation experts

Our clients

Our clients tell us that ours is one of the most practical and impactful approaches to organisational culture change available in the marketplace today.

With the relaunch of the bestselling book 'Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success' in 2015, a growing team of culture change consultants in Europe, Latin America and Australia, plus a new head office in Amsterdam, our dream of building culture capability across the globe is growing closer.

We’ve been privileged to walk alongside many courageous businesses as they take the necessary steps to transform their culture.

Join the journey and walk with us. Together, we will make your company's culture do-able.

What makes us, us

Walking the Talk’s commitment to culture transformation runs deeper than a consulting proposition: it’s our reason for being.

Perhaps unusually for a consultancy, our aim really is to leave you transformed, with the capability to keep evolving yourselves, essentially making you self-sufficient in culture management.

Our vision is for every organisation in the world to have a thriving culture and we can only achieve this by building culture capability across the globe. One business at a time.

Culture transformation experts

We will walk our talk

We will:

  • Be generous with our knowledge and expertise.
  • Take the time to turn culture complexity into tangible, pragmatic, do-able solutions.
  • Be curious about the world around us and our impact and influence upon it.
  • Be empathetically direct with our clients and honest in our dealings.
  • Strive to build relationships that outlast the consulting project.
  • Seek to continuously improve ourselves, our teams and our thinking in order to provide market leading culture solutions.