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Getting your people managers on board

At Walking the Talk, we know that you need friendly expert advice. You also need well tested tools to help you define and bring your target culture to life. We have created a set of practical tools and products that make culture transformation even simpler, faster, and more actionable.

People Manager Activation

People managers have the power to accelerate or freeze your culture transformation effort. They are the people who bridge the front line between your customers and your leadership. Like many of our clients, you may be grappling with how to engage your people managers in the journey and how to turn them into a powerful force for change. We’ve got the solution for you!

Our People Manager Activation program has been designed to build capability to lead culture in your manager population. Our approach and tools help you engage, support and unlock the power of this critical group.

Our People Management Activation approach is:

  • Practical – focused on application of learning onto the job.
  • Customised to your culture goals so that your effort is focused on where you need change.
  • Modular – to allow you to build your own programme from our extensive pool of resources.
  • Available in a light-touch version that requires little facilitation.
  • Manager-led.

What People Manager Activation does that you will find nowhere else

Our approach unlocks the potential that lies in a large population of your organisation that is often not fully engaged in the culture change, or which can be resistant to change. It helps build towards the tipping point for change to superpower your culture effort.

Download our People Manager Activation Brochure