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Watch key insights on organisational culture from Walking the Talk's culture transformation experts and learn from our clients how our work has helped improve and drive business performance.

Above and below the line


A practical guide to culture change

Culture assessment webinar

Culture change case study

Culture as the new science

Demystifying culture

The difference between culture and engagement



Encouraging a culture of simplicity

Fear of failure

How do you build a foundation of trust?

How do you define culture?

How to deal with resistance to culture change

How is culture created?

How to influence leaders

How to select the right team to drive successful change

How to sustain culture when a charismatic leader leaves

How our tools can assess your culture

How quickly can culture impact performance?

Influence vs. hierachy

Keeping momentum in culture

Leaders cast a long shadow

Mindsets in a merger

MUFG case study (Highlights)

MUFG culture transformation case study (Full presentation)

The power of walking your talk

What are the key shifts you need to make to create an agile culture?


What are the key success factors for culture transformation?

Vodafone Hutchinson testimonial

What are culture archetypes?

What are the mindsets needed for agile culture?

What are the traps to avoid when creating an agile culture?

What does it mean to create an agile culture?

What are you measuring?

What does working at the B-level mean?

What is a culture plan?

What happens if you don't fix your company culture?

What skills do you need to lead culture change?

What is company culture?

What tools can you use to assess culture?

Example of successful culture change

Why can culture make or break your culture?

Why do you want to measure culture?

Why is assessing culture critical?

Return on investment culture

Starting your culture journey

Using a survey to describe your culture

Understanding why your culture is the way it is

You are a product of your culture

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