Thought leadership podcast by Carolyn Taylor onrganizational culture

Walking Your Talk

"These podcasts are about leadership, authenticity and courage. I want to take listeners through a journey of exploration of the common values and aspirations many organisations hold, but don’t necessarily practice. Through each podcast, listeners gain distinctions as to what it actually takes to be seen to be walking their talk when it comes to values such as accountability, simplicity, customer-centricity and more."

Carolyn Taylor

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The Walking Your Talk podcast is about leadership, authenticity and courage. Every episode is a personal development experience showing you how you can transform yourself and thus transform those around you and ultimately the organisation within which you work. Take a stand, choose a value - accountability, one-team, customer-centric, and many more - and come away with insights and practical tips on what it takes to authentically live that day-to-day. Many people and organisations hold these values, but don’t practise them.

Through the Walking Your Talk podcast you will close that gap and as a result earn higher trust from your clients and colleagues, because they see you walking your talk.

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