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Our comprehensive collection of white papers and research reports deliver trends, observations and predictions about all aspects of corporate culture and provide you with a wealth of information on how to address problems with your organisational culture. 

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Agile Culture Report
Topic: Agile | Reports
Walking the Talk's research report on agile incorporates insights and best practice from leading agile experts. 
Agile Reports
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Topic: White Paper | Measurement

In order to manage culture, you need to know precisely what culture is, how it works, how to measure it and how to improve it. 

White Paper Measurement
Research on balance between leadership & employee responsibility
Topic: Reports | Behaviour
This research explores the balance between leadership and employee responsibility. 
Reports Behaviour
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Topic: Reports | Investment
To what extent does culture influence the views of investors within the investment community?
Reports Investment
Achievement Culture
Topic: White Paper | Achievement
Imagine a world where everyone did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. Imagine a world where promises were made consciously – and kept!
White Paper Achievement
The role of leadership in major change process
Topic: White Paper | Change
The purpose of this paper is to assist leaders to predict, recognise and manage well each phase so that the change process objectives are achieved, and in the shortest possible time.
White Paper Change
Culture is created as a result of the message employees receive about how to behave around here.
Topic: White Paper | Change
Culture – far from being the soft and fluffy thing that makes employees feel good – is a major contributor to performance.
White Paper Change
Individual leadership development needs to be supported by culture change.
Topic: White Paper | Sustainability
What kind of culture supports the sustainability strategy, and how is that culture developed?
White Paper Sustainability
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Topic: White Paper | Diversity
Diversity brings a difference in experience and perspective that can deliver positive results.
White Paper Diversity
White paper on the effect artificial intelligence on company culture
Topic: White Paper | Innovation
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to become one of the most important business disruptors of our times. But what exactly is AI and what impact will it have on organisational culture?
White Paper Innovation
Plan and manage the human dimensions
Topic: White Paper | Mergers
Mergers are a unique situation culturally. During a merger or acquisition you have to manage culture in a different way.
White Paper Mergers