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Assessing for cultural contribution

At Walking the Talk, we know that you need friendly expert advice. You also need well tested tools to help you define and bring your target culture to life. We have created a set of practical tools and products that make culture transformation even simpler, faster, and more actionable.

Assessing for culture contribution - The Taylor Assessment


Whether you are looking to enhance or evolve your culture, who you bring into your organisation will have the biggest impact on whether you’re successful or not. We often hear that organisations don’t believe it’s possible to hire for cultural contribution, or don’t know how to. 

Well, the good news is we’ve made it possible – and here’s how.  

The only culture-contribution measurement tool on the market

The Taylor Assessment is the only product of its type on the market that directly measures a candidate’s contribution to an organisation’s current or desired future culture. It does this by measuring the behaviours that candidates prefer, prioritise, and therefore are likely to demonstrate and build at their future employer.

Using this tool will:

  • Boost your chances of hiring of culture-contribution candidates.
  • Increase the likelihood of candidates successfully integrating into your business.
  • Accelerate your culture change.
  • Improve your ability to deliver on your strategy.
  • Enable you to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Enhance productivity and engagement.
  • Reduce hiring costs.
  • Speed up onboarding, so new hires are quicker to add value.

The Taylor Assessment

  • 30-minute online assessment of a candidate’s cultural preferences and experiences, and matches them to the culture you want to build.
  • Gives you 6 easy-to-recognise cultural archetypes, with detailed descriptions for how such people will behave in your organisation.
  • Supplemented by specially designed interview questions to probe further based on a candidate’s results.
  • Built on insights and experience from working on culture assessments with more than 50,000 leaders across hundreds of global organisations over 30 years.
  • Developed in partnership with Psynet, a leading psychometric test developer, the assessment is robustly constructed for strong validity and reliability, allowing us to make accurate predictions.
  • Can also be used for leadership assessment, team effectiveness, and organisational development.

If you can’t measure culture contribution, you can’t change it

You can’t determine culture contribution without proper measurement, and the Taylor Assessment is the only tool on the market that can help you accurately bring in the people you need for the culture you want.

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