Will Clarke


Behaviour Change Programme Designer


Will is a highly motivated Programme Designer with over 7 years of expertise in virtual and digital instructional design, delivering world-class hybrid culture change products for global clients. With a Master of Arts in Online and Distance Education, he has created impactful digital programmes and eLearning libraries for over 40,000 organisations and 1,000,000 employees. Will also has extensive experience developing and updating training resources aimed at improving organisational skills, including a Train-the-Trainer programme and specialised training for new and people managers.

Will feeds his love for exploration by studying maps and planning his next big adventure. He's a seasoned traveller who has driven across Australia, cycled from China to Myanmar on a folding supermarket bicycle, and embarked on epic road trips across Europe, from the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia to Nordkapp in the north of Norway and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Will's love of adventure is matched only by his dedication to delivering innovative solutions for his clients, which is why he approaches every challenge with the same passion and drive that fuels his wanderlust.

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