Maynard Tony


Senior Consultant


Tony Maynard began his career in training and development 15 years ago, delivering experiential learning-based programmes to organisations for the purposes of building teams and developing leadership and team skills for its employees. These conference-based programmes placed a strong emphasis on effective facilitation and relevance to real work situations, in order to provide meaning and learning for the participant.

Tony then decided to further his career by seeking the development of his skills in conducting workshops for corporate training purposes. It was at this time, in 1993, that he joined Corporate Vision and was immediately immersed for 3 years in the development and delivery of a range of material for in the areas of: team building, teaming skills, leadership development, conflict resolution, train-the- trainer, vision and values communication, cultural change and customer service excellence.

Since 1997, Tony has been working as a training and development consultant with his own company and implementing training and cultural change solutions to a wide range of organisations. His ability to build rapport and gain trust with a group is outstanding. Combining this with creative training and current adult learning techniques allows the training outcomes to be achieved in the quickest possible time.

In 2006, Tony spent 12 months volunteering with his family for Operation Eyesight Universal, a Canadian NGO dedicated to the elimination of preventable blindness. He spent 6 months in Tanzania and 6 months in India supporting the leadership and team development of ophthalmologists working in hospitals, clinics and government departments. He is now a board member of the Australian office of Operation Eyesight.

Tony’s passion for his material and work is infectious. He’s completely committed to providing people with greater choice, in the way in which they lead others, and in their own lives. Providing a learning experience which is meaningful, relevant and memorable.

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