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Kirsten has over 15 years of consulting experience in leadership development and transformational change – including accompanying companies and leadership teams in transformational and cultural change processes and cross-cultural collaboration.

Her work is founded on the integration of numerous disciplines and methods acquired from the fields of leadership development, organisational psychology, neuroscience, transformational and culture change as well as team coaching. Her goal is to help the team address long-standing issues, surface unspoken tensions, cross cultural differences and support them in making complex choices resulting in the achievement of their business results.

Kirsten has worked with companies and senior teams across a multitude of countries and industries, including chemical industry, nutrition, agriculture, car manufacturing, consumer products, professional services, and non-profit organisations. She worked with international teams of more than 25 countries.

Kirsten has a master’s degree in management and economics, specialized in Marketing and Operations Research from the University Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg/Germany in 2006. She is a certified transformational facilitator by Mobius and McKinsey in 2011. And her ongoing professional development includes the completion of the Corentus Team Coaching Certification in 2022. She currently lives with her husband, daughter, dog and two horses in France.

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