Karen Boskemper | Company Culture Consultant


Senior Consultant


Karen Boskemper is an ICF Master Certified Coach and Certified Integral Facilitator. She has 15+ years of experience shaping large-scale organisational change initiatives focused on culture change and raising individual and team leadership effectiveness.   Several of her clients are large technology and service organisations across North America, Europe and Asia.  Some of these organizations include Amazon, Adobe, CISCO, Microsoft, and Axa Insurance. 
In her capacity as an executive coach and facilitator, she coaches senior leaders to be aware of their mindsets and beliefs that drive their behavior. With that awareness, they are able to develop new behaviors that contribute to a more successful organisational culture.
She specialises in applying Positive Intelligence, a recent breakthrough coaching technology, that combines techniques from Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology. These methodologies enable leaders to raise self-awareness, adopt new perspectives, deepen emotional intelligence and engage in new ways of leading self and others. 
Karen works with individuals, teams, and groups to deliver high-performance team outcomes and sustainable business results. Karen helps leaders to grow and realise they can develop new perspectives, behaviors, and tools to achieve excellence in team performance and cultural change. 
Karen studied Language and Business Commerce in Germany and France. Her skill as a facilitative leader allows her to impact the quality of groups, teams and organisations by creating an environment for deeper engagement, learning, and collaboration. 

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