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Amanda is a member of the Walking the Talk Leadership Team and is Global Head of Product. An expert in culture transformation with over 20 years’ experience in culture management and creating the workplace of the future, Amanda consults to start up organisations through to some of the oldest companies in the world on how they build their culture as a strategic asset. Amanda continually challenges the status quo through applied research into the future of work and innovative product design and shares her expertise through CEO advisory, top teamwork and keynote speeches.

Amanda’s professional career spans Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. She has a wide range of experience in enterprise-wide projects across a variety of industries including financial services; telecommunications, energy; technology and pharmaceuticals.

Amanda has a Master’s Degree in Organisational Behaviour from the University of London and has been published in the British Journal of Social Psychology on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. She was a contributor to the World Book of Values as well as being involved in developing the Australian National Diploma in change management and has operated as an advisor to the UK government on culture.

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