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As a recognised international consultant, coach and cultural transformation agent, Amanda has extensive experience in delivering business benefits through culture management. Following nearly 20 years of working with Executive Teams, Senior Leaders and employees at all levels, she commands a deep understanding of cultural diagnostics, culture planning and values development, as well as expertise in the process of cultural transformation within businesses, in order to achieve strategic outcomes.

Amanda has worked as a consultant across the UK, Europe and Australia in a range of industries including: utilities, energy, finance, travel, manufacturing and professional services. She has been a trusted advisor to clients such as Microsoft, London Underground, Xerox, ABN AMRO and Shell/PetroChina. Amanda previously held a senior management role at a major Australian utility, leading the organisation through three successive cultural transformations– values driven, safe work culture and a high performance culture.

Amanda was recently invited to join the panel at a UK Government summit to discuss the future of Organisation Culture in Great Britain.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Organisation Psychology from the University of London.

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