mudança de cultura

Shifting to a customer first culture through empowering decision-making and experimentation

The business challenge

Our client is in a fast-moving gaming and technology business and their strategy required significantly more agility to turbo-charge growth over the next 3-5 years. While the organisation was implementing Agile practices, the mindsets and behaviours required to drive this transformation- customer-centricity, empowerment, collaboration and experimentation – also needed to shift in order to achieve sustainable adoption of agility.

The biggest success is seeing customer engagement, hearing straight from the customers mouth what’s really impacting them and how they feel. This is something we’ve really lacked in the past because that wasn’t our responsibility but now it’s everyone’s responsibility to see how their work impacts customers and what they can do better.”


I would push a couple of sessions previously until I have space to come up with the proper answers, as I would worry that I needed to have all the answers, whereas now I know that the answers will be from everyone.”


This program brought people closer. We as one cohort, went together through the same exercises and shared the same learnings. We understand agile better and are more aligned with each other and with agile transformation."


The biggest learning for me was to keep on learning! It's really important to take a break from a well-established routine and try new things such as letting go of perfectionism, embracing the unknown and implementing the bigger change via small habits that stick."


My biggest aha from this program is that Agile is a mindset, it’s not just a set of rules. We can take one step at a time to change the mindset and reach our goals."


Bottom line

  • The organisation has put the customer first by engaging with their feedback and creating solutions to support the customer needs.

  • A shift from a command-and-control environment, to one where Tribe leaders have empowered their teams to make more decisions on their own and have built deeper trust within their teams to deliver on common outcomes.

  • Experimentation (testing ideas and iterating) have become a part of their daily routine allowing them to reach faster product-creation, process improvement and problem-solving, curtailing the previous fear of waiting for things to be perfect.
Tech company creates awareness and reinforce agile mindsets and behaviours


  • Leader Alignment: Leaders understand the agile mindsets and what needs to shift to unlock agile ways of working.

  • A significant positive shift across all mindsets and behaviours after completion of the 12-week cultural program.

  • Application of multiple experiments with tangible impact.

  • Participants enabled to pay it forward and create a movement of agile transformation within their area of influence


The roadmap to an agile mindset transformation involved a 2-fold focus:

Agile Leading by Example:

  • Enabling tribe leaders to lead a sustained agile transformation.

  • Including leader 180 feedback on agile behaviours, 1:1 coaching; team-based workshops.

Seeding new agile behaviours and mindsets across tribes:

  • Multiple tribes participated in a 12-week Agile mindset program.

    • An immersive, intensive learning experience designed to creates awareness and reinforce agile mindsets and behaviours.

    • A digital experiential to immerse participants in the 4 agile mindsets – customer centricity; empowerment; collaboration and experimentation (igniting awareness).

    • Bi-monthly test and learn sessions to encourage behavioural experimentation, enabling people to make immediate concrete shifts in their day-to-day.

    • A 12-week digital nudge plan for each tribe to support the behavioural change journey – including reminders, video content, and habit-forming practices.

    • A comprehensive measurement approach to test impact, including an Agile Mindsets Quiz at the beginning and end of the program.

Gaming company puts customer first by engaging with their feedback -1