Shifting to One-Team

Our global financial services client was striving to deliver ‘one-team’ across the world and through many different brands. In response, BTMU (Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ) and MUSI (Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International) needed to reorganise the global business structure to deliver a better, more rounded service while also offering a single point of contact for all banking and securities needs.

These entities (one Japanese, the other EMEA) needed to somehow come together as one team to achieve strategic business objectives. This project aimed to align the cultures of BTMU and MUSI as MUFG sought synergies between the bank and securities businesses in EMEA to provide a more coherent client interface.

Without the culture goals up front and a clear framework for working together we never would have got this far.”

“The three cultural goals have been brilliant across the board – I hear them quoted all the time.”


Bottom Line

An end-to-end culture transformation has enabled key talent to emerge, and created process and systems efficiencies and achieved higher levels of individual accountability.

mufg | corporate culture


  • Culture goals driving behaviour.
  • Speedy integration physically - a key cultural symbol.
  • Leaders actively and visibly leading the transformation.
  • Effective and relevant decision making, leaders as role models, Systems & Symbols alignment.
  • Individual leaders taking accountability for activating their teams.
  • Collective engagement to deliver positive client outcomes.
  • Activation of middle managers and torch bearers/influencers.
  • Communications: Deeper engagement and participation of staff at all levels in terms of strategic alignment, culture and improvement.
  • A significant shift in priority deep dive area – over 40 percentage point increases in One-Team and Achievement. We do what we say we will do in agreed timeframes; We are transparent with the client about what is possible (and not); We don't blame others when things go wrong; We treat each other with respect.
MUFG organisational culture


  • Culture integration Risk Assessment, Culture Integration Orientation, Strategic business imperatives review, TAP Target Culture, Culture Blueprint, qualitative and quantitative deep dive culture assessments.
  • Internal Capability Build, extensive Lead by Example programs and an applied cultural deep dive in one of their critical client services offerings.
  • Deep dive intervention.