Our client is an international healthcare company with over 33 million customers worldwide. The UKI and Global insurance businesses were entering a new and exciting phase towards maturity as an insurer which required them to develop the controls, disciplines, risk management structures and governance that you would expect from a large insurance provider. At the same time, they wanted to maintain their strength as a caring and customer-centric organisation. Walking the Talk was engaged to assess progress to date and to work with the organisation to culturally shift them to the next level.

…The delight came quickly from the quality of the conversation, the focus and commitment of the team to be open to the feedback, and the willingness to explore. I must admit I was half expecting a lot more push back and critical assessment from what can be a largely intellectual and sometimes academic team, but the strength of your insights, facilitation and confident response to the queries/concerns/challenges enabled us to have a rich discussion.”


Bottom Line

As a result of our work people were more confident to act, and feel more empowered, informed and have deeper ownership of their part in achieving results for the organisation.

healthcare organisation culture

Outcomes in 18 months

  • +63 point increase leader openness. approachability and 2-way communication.
  • +47 point increase in Continuous Improvement, Idea Submission and Speaking Up.
  • + 30 point increase on customer-centricity.


  • Deep dive culture diagnostic to understand the current culture and why it is that way at the root cause level and the focus of effort (behaviours, symbols and systems) to unlock the next level.
  • Creation of a future culture blueprint to support the business strategy.
  • Top team and senior leader ‘Leading by Example’ interventions including workshops, 360 and coaching.
  • Re-test of the culture diagnostic to check impact and again focus effort to reset to the next level.