Creating a common language and understanding

The business challenge

Our  client is a French global insurance firm providing investment management and other financial services to 105 million clients across the world. It has more than 120,000 employees.

We are currently working with Group Operations, the Division of the organisation led by the COO. Group operations was formed two years ago by the merger of two very different business units. They provide IT services and solutions to 42 entities across the globe.

Having developed a new strategy and a new operating model, Group Operations identified that they needed to work in a more customer-centric way with the entities, while increasing ownership, focus and care in an increasingly global environment with fierce competition.

Bottom line

  • We designed two 12-month programs, one for the top 600 senior leaders and one for middle managers. These programs are running in parallel, with mixed groups of participants from 17 countries. All delivery has been virtual.
  • The program is designed to align leaders and managers to the overall transformation and create a common language and understanding. The program is modular, with a strong activation element whereby, between modules, participants cascade the key concepts and learning with their teams and take part in peer coaching in small groups.
Case study | Organisational culture transformation

Outcomes achieved

The programs are ongoing, with half of the content delivered so far. The current NPS score is 8.8/10 and the feedback on content is 4.46/5. In addition, the qualitative feedback from the business is extremely encouraging, notably:

  • Front-line teams report that they have greater understanding of the transformation because their managers are cascading the content from the program.
  • Key concepts relating to ownership and accountability are being used as common language at all levels of the organisation.
  • Stronger relationships are being built with the group by breaking down silos, leaders being more open and asking the right questions. This has been evidenced by the significant increase in NPS score for Global Operations from the local markets, over the past 9 months.

The anecdotal feedback from the ExCom members is extremely positive which has prompted further, deeper work with senior leadership teams to help them work more effectively together.

Insurance company | Organisational culture


  • Business-led topics to increase understanding of the drivers and content of the transformation, the needs of the local markets and the nature of the
    partnership required.
  • Ownership and accountability to drive successful partnerships.
  • Change management and employee engagement to embark teams on the transformation journey.
  • Collaboration, partnership, and community building across the business.
  • For the middle manager program, modules have looked at managing self, managing others, and managing the organisation, with content on managing with purpose, ownership, personal impact, and stakeholder management.

Global insurance company | Case study