Culture transformation case study

Building a customer-centric culture

The business challenge

A new CEO joined the organisation with a strategy to become “less bank more retailer” which would involve a significantly improved customer experience, a more sophisticated approach to customer segmentation including risk profiling and a refreshed product portfolio.

Our culture diagnostic found while colleagues had customers in their consciousness, they were not supported by customer-friendly systems and processes and were suffering from under-investment in tools to do the best job for customers. We also found innovation and change orientation was suppressed by a heavy hierarchy and a pattern of risk avoidance, caused by many years of top-down decision-making and playing it safe which had affected confidence to act.

Bottom line

  • Colleague-centricity and customer-centricity have now emerged as twin strengths of our client’s culture.
Finamcial services 5

Outcomes achieved

  • 40% improvement in colleague perception of the bank’s level of customer-centricity.

  • 81% of frontline colleagues favourable
    about the colleague-centricity of the bank’s culture.

  • 82% improvement in colleagues perception of risk-taking and treating mistakes as learning.

  • 62% improvement in how people spoke about colleague-leader relationships.

  • 48% improvement in feelings of empowerment.
Financial services organisational culture


  • Target Culture Mapping.

  • Culture Assessment (2019).

  • Culture Blueprint and Culture Plan development.

  • Capability Build (for P&C, transformation leads).

  • Large scale culture activation events for all colleagues.

  • 360 for all leaders.

  • Leading By Example program for Top Team including 1:1 advisory, observation and team workshops.

  • Group coaching and intact team sessions for Top 200.

  • Mindset Modules for people managers, train the trainer and further self-facilitated culture workshops.

  • Culture Assessment re-test (2021)
Changing company culture to align with strategy