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Walking the TalkIt's impossible to build great culture through procedure. People must hold values so deeply they act on them even when there’s no procedure.11 hours ago
Walking the TalkResponse-ability: However difficult the circumstance, you always have the ability to choose your response.13 hours ago
Walking the TalkGreat examples of the activity that will stimulate culture change, from the mouths of those who have done. it hours ago
Walking the TalkRT @doaky65: "For culture to change, first I must change" by @walkingourtalk on @LinkedIn hours ago
Walking the TalkShould Culture Be Created, Or Should It Be An Evolutionary Process? We say focus on a few behaviours relentlessly. day ago
Walking the TalkThreat tightens a culture. Intelligent/scary piece on how Trump is a product of this and how he is strengthening it. days ago
Walking the TalkMindfulness Can Improve Strategy. Creating space between action & reaction benefits leaders & organisations alike. days ago
Walking the Talk"When you are surrounded by people with a shared commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." - Howard Schultz2 days ago
Walking the TalkBehaviour matters in organisations. Effective leaders will also have to learn to manage their own behaviour. days ago
Walking the TalkCan Corporate Leaders Be Good Citizens? Is there a trend towards what we call the Greater-Good culture archetype? days ago

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