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At Walking the Talk, we know that you need friendly expert advice. You also need well tested tools to help you define and bring your target culture to life. We have created a set of practical tools and products that make culture transformation even simpler, faster, and more actionable.

Discover Culture Diagnostic

To transform your culture sustainably, understanding WHAT your culture is won’t be enough. You also need to understand WHY your culture is the way it is, and where you need to focus for change.

Our Discover Culture Diagnostic has been designed to help you go deeper than conventional surveys. Its approach delves beneath the surface of your culture and uncovers not only the behaviors at play, but also the underlying root-causes of those behaviors. Root-causes include mindsets, symbols and systems, and the ways they all connect to sustain your culture. With this information at hand, you are able to take action immediately to shape your culture the way you want.

Our Discover Culture Diagnostic Methodology:

  • Is based on a rigorous and proprietary focus group methodology.
  • Involves transcribing and coding focus group discussions to turn qualitative data into quantitative data and actionable insights.
  • Is available in multiple languages.
  • Describes your culture in terms of the behaviors and their impact.
  • Reveals why your culture is the way that it is, showing the shared belief systems driving people to behave the way they do.
  • Helps you to identify where to focus effort for change.

What Discover Culture Diagnostic does that you will find nowhere else.

Our Discover Culture Diagnostic approach reveals the core beliefs that are shared by your people and which drive your culture. Those beliefs are often unconscious. However, they are the key focus for change. No other tool will describe so clearly both the WHAT and the WHY of your culture.

We love diagnosing culture using our Discover Culture Diagnostic methodology because it brings out the essence of our clients’ cultures. The last time we counted, we had conducted and transcribed 424 discussions and had analysed a staggering 5 million words!

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