Understanding your culture to achieve business goals

Understand your culture

At Walking the Talk, we know that you need friendly expert advice. You also need well tested tools to help you define and bring your target culture to life. We have created a set of practical tools and products that make culture transformation even simpler, faster, and more actionable.

Culture Insights Survey

Yes! It is possible to measure culture. And yes! you can track your progress over time.

Many of our clients mention they find it difficult to measure culture. However, with data from over 20,000 survey participants collected over the years, we can say hand on heart that it is not only possible to measure culture, but you can also use the insight to drive change in your organization.

Our Culture Insights Survey:

  • Only 15-20 minute to complete online.
  • Immediate access to results via a user-friendly portal.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Designed around Walking the Talk’s six culture archetypes.
  • Describes your culture through 80+ behaviors.
  • Shows how employees are experiencing your culture.
  • Reveals how equipped your leaders are to lead the culture you want.
  • Allows you to compare results by demographics.

Our Culture Insights Survey allows you to track your culture over time and assess the impact of any initiatives you are driving.

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