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Unlocks the behaviors and mindsets of Be-ing Agile

At Walking the Talk, we know that you need friendly expert advice. You also need well tested tools to help you define and bring your target culture to life. We have created a set of practical tools and products that make culture transformation even simpler, faster, and more actionable.

Walking with Agility

We have an important question for you: Does your organization need to better anticipate, and pivot to, repeated disruptions, challenges and opportunities created by a rapidly changing and unpredictable market environment?

We’re pretty sure that your answer to that question is yes. But how can you achieve that? Our research shows that the success, sustainability and pace of transformation depends less on capability, but more on culture. What is required is a simple, core set of mindsets and beliefs: customer centricity, empowerment, collaboration and innovation/experimentation.

At Walking the Talk, we have designed and tested a program that unlocks these mindsets in people and seeds in them the behaviors that create agility in others.

Our Walking with Agility program:

  • Unlocks the behaviors and mindsets of Be-ing Agile – customer centricity, collaboration, empowerment and experimentation.
  • Creates opportunities to ‘try on’ mindsets and reflect on their impact.
  • Quickly exports new habits and patterns of working outside the program itself.
  • Articulates on two essential ideas:
    • Behavioral experiments/habits
      Experiments are easy to implement and visible to others. They are iterative, scalable and repeatable. When done at scale, they create new experiences not only for program participants but also for those they interact with on a daily basis.
    • The tipping point
      To deliver experiments at scale, you need to shift the beliefs and behaviors of your leaders, middle-managers and influencers so that they role model experimenting. This seeds the new agile behaviors and mindsets in the organization and creates an unstoppable movement.

What our Walking with Agility program does that you will find nowhere else

This program focusses on enabling people to make immediate, concrete changes to accelerate high-performance. Right from the first intervention in the program, people think differently and are able to apply something new in their day to day.

Our program naturally creates a backlog of behavioral experiments with an ongoing stream of new behaviors being tested and trialed. Participants are encouraged to embrace the growth that comes from experiments that fail as much as those that succeed.

The Walking with Agility program maintains challenge, focus and boosts motivation through a sense of achievement. The program can be customized in multiple ways - as a ‘hot house’ to pack a concentrated punch, or ‘little and often’ to spread out over several months and avoid over-burdening teams. Between sessions, the program uses digital nudges, conversations and activities to reinforce new beliefs and mindsets.

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