The creation of our client as a ring-fenced bank, together with the arrival of a new CEO, provided the financial institution with a catalyst for the organisation to get focused around the culture they needed to make the business successful. Culture was not a new concept to our client, in fact part of the challenge was bringing together culture goals from several sources and aligning that with what they wanted to achieve.

As with many organisations, there was work underway on some key cultural levers such as leadership development and performance management and a long list of possible areas of focus. Work had already started with a group of champions and there was a desire to reinvigorate this passionate group by providing them with a clear role.

Bottom line

Buy in, focus and re-energising of leaders and the broader organisation resulting in confidence to speak up.



  • Our client achieved buy in to the culture goals and plan from the Executive and everyone understood the burning platform. There was full support & sponsorship of the UK CEO and the European Board.
  • Leaders became enthused and a safe environment to operate and speak up more confidently was created.
  • Key priorities for focus were agreed and everyone understood them.
  • Culture champions were mobilised, re-energised and facilitated interviews with role models across the UK which created positive energy and brought out some great stories and quotes, subsequently used to inspire leaders.


  • Stream 1: Engaging Leaders:
    Working with the top 300 leaders, we ran an assessment of the current culture; identified critical focus areas for change and designed a high impact leadership event to leverage the research and catalyst change.

  • Stream 2: Creating a clear cultural focus:
    Created a clear and concise behavioural outcomes by employee’s segment over time, enabling translation of the culture ambition into action. Using interviews and desk-based analysis we determined two root cause behaviours to unlock in order to achieve cultural shift.

  • Stream 3: Creating a focused plan for change:
    The existing culture plan contained a large number of possible initiatives. Walking the Talk reviewed whether these remained fit for purpose, which had the most impact and highlighted any gaps. This involved hosting interviews and workshops with key initiative owners; co-development of a prioritisation framework; prioritisation of the few critical, high impact initiatives.

  • Stream 4: Engaging Culture Champions to find role models:
    Finding existing role models throughout the organisation, is a powerful way to build momentum around the target culture. Working with an existing culture champion group Walking the Talk helped redefine their role as culture advocates and coached them to find and interview role models to set up a database of stories which leadership and communication could leverage.