Walérya Carriço | Culture transformation expert


Senior Consultant


Walérya draws on her experience in the psychology arena in her consulting work doing executive development and coaching CEOs. She has experience working for companies in the financial, technology, consumer goods, retail, and services sectors and has been a project manager for Nestlé, Nivea, and Linde Gás.

She has worked in Human Resources since 1994, doing recruiting and senior executive development for the Pão de Açúcar Group and working for Nicholson International as the leader of their head hunting team. Walérya also has experience leading programs within the Human Resources Area at Plaut International Management Consulting.

Walérya has a Bachelor’s in psychology and also completed postgraduate studies in Psychodrama at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. She holds an M.B.A from the Institute of Administration with a specialisation in human resources administration.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Walérya spent her childhood in Florianopolis, Brazil. She enjoys taking long walks and has a great passion for creative and artistic activities such as singing, dancing, listening to Brazilian music, and avant-garde theatre. She enjoys working with her theatre group Gota D’ Água.

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