McInerney Charles-1


Culture Assessment Specialist


As a Culture Assessment Specialist, Charles oversees the use of our proprietary culture diagnostic methodology to provide clients with the analytical insights they need to align their cultures to their organisational objectives.

Charles has long held an interest in the intricacies and workings of culture. Since graduating from the University of Sussex with first-class honours in Anthropology, he has spent his entire professional life in an international client-servicing environment, consulting organisations across an array of industries and geographies.

Based in Amsterdam since 2019, Charles spent two years as an independent consultant prior to joining the Walking the Talk team. During this time, he consulted on a variety of projects, conducting culture-focused qualitative analyses, designing workflow optimisation workshops and developing e-learning programs for management training purposes.

Previously, he spent five years in Hong Kong, providing executive search, organisational design and market intelligence services to large multinationals across the Asia Pacific region.

Underlying all of Charles’ work is a deep desire to cultivate the right conditions for people to thrive, be it via cultures, systems, structures, or frameworks.

An avid sportsman since childhood, Charles spends as much time playing cricket and football as his schedule – and knees – will allow!


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