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Target Archetype Process (TAP)

What it is:

TAP is an intensive half-day workshop (delivered face-to-face or virtually) run with your Executive Team focussed on identifying the culture the organisation needs in order to deliver the business strategy.

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What it does:

TAP cleverly links your business objectives to the behaviours required to deliver them, whilst building consensus across the executive team for the target culture you need. You’ll leave the workshop with a stake in the ground; a target for transformation that will inform and guide your journey.

Our specially developed online tool helps you rank and prioritise your cultural requirements according to multiple factors.

Why choose TAP:

  • It is a quick, effective and challenging process that reveals surprising insights. We often find that a TAP brings value even in organisations that believe they have a clear understanding of their target culture.
  • TAP gets your executive team on the same page, at the same time, with the same priorities.
  • TAP is grounded in our Culture Archetypes, a simple, yet sophisticated cultural shorthand that our clients find invaluable.