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What it is:

Pathfinder is an intensive planning period. Through workshops, planning sessions and advice (delivered face-to-face or virtually), we help your culture transformation team build a comprehensive roadmap for success.

Find your culture path
What it does:

Pathfinder applies the rigours found in business planning to culture planning, whilst building the culture smarts of your culture transformation team.

Pathfinder is all about action. We show your team how to set culture strategies, develop tactical plans, allocate resources and how to set all-important metrics for tracking and reviewing progress. We also introduce them to 9 Levers they can pull to accelerate culture results.

Why choose Pathfinder:

  • With Pathfinder, you don’t just get directions for your culture journey; we show you how to draw your own roadmap.
  • Pathfinder prioritises activities and resources, so you only invest in the projects that bring the best results.
  • The process leaves you with an in-house team of culture planning and management experts.