Shifting to a culture of aligned purpose & values to make a difference in the world.

In 2017, Natura & Co Group, already owners of Natura and Aesop, acquired The Body Shop from L’Oreal. With this acquisition, Natura & Co became one of the world’s preeminent Greater Good organisations, with a purpose to nurture beauty and relationships for a better way of living and doing business.

With these distinctive, successful and strong brands (Natura, The Bodyshop and Aesop) the challenge for Group was to quickly understand and align on the key elements that connect the brands, leveraging the things that could elevate the whole organisation, whilst simultaneously empowering each brand to thrive longer term. They wanted to avoid the risk of stifling any of these brands as a result of the merger.

Thank you. It feels like we are home.”


Bottom Line

Targeted culture transformation enabled connection, alignment around the business purpose for the acquisition at an early stage, and allowed leaders across all businesses to fully appreciate and understand the greater opportunities created.



  • Clarity of purpose and role for Group management.
  • Connectivity across groups, sense of belonging to a larger, supportive, group.
  • Continued work at brand organisation level to build the cultures that needed for individual businesses.


  • Established the Group Operating Committee as a high performing team. Identified ways of working and group standards to see the team through the merger process and beyond. Worked with them to become exemplars of the group beliefs and purpose through their behaviours, using team workshops, individual advisory coaching and team observation to reinforce, refine and challenge them to achieve their goal to embed the values and purpose deeply into all aspects of the business during integration.

  • Leadership Engagement - brought together 100+ leaders from Aesop, Natura and The Body Shop in a group event. This event focused on connecting people across brands, creating opportunities for collaboration and mutual influence. It encouraged appreciation of the differences whilst finding a common passion. It created a sense of belonging to a larger group with a clear purpose beyond individual companies.