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Merge Program

What it is:

Merge is a 1-day workshop (delivered face-to-face or virtually) focused on quickly building the understanding and capability that your leaders and your merger team will need to successfully bring together two different cultures.

Merge | Workshop | Organisational Culture
What it does:

Mergers and acquisitions are unique events that cause cultural reverberations throughout both organisations. Our Merge program gives you the tools you need to have an effective dialogue, build common values and establish a new common cultural does. Think of it as marriage counselling.

We often recommend that an organisation undertaking a Merge program also run a culture assessment. If the Merge program creates the skills to make good culture management decisions, a culture assessment provides the data you need to ensure those decisions are based on fact.

Why choose Merge:

  • Specifically targeted to the specialist skill set required for bringing organisational cultures together.
  • Limits negative impact through rigorous culture management.
  • Gives you the tools to be in control of culture, rather than at the mercy of a merger.