Consulting solutions


You can measure and monitor your culture as you can any aspect of your business - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Brand management was once thought to be an intangible corporate asset, and yet look at how businesses now invest in and manage their brands. At Walking the Talk, we have a fierce belief that you can do the same thing with your culture.


Working side by side (face-to-face or virtually) with your internal team we will:

  • Design, define and deploy the unique projects your organisation needs to lead you to culture transformation.
  • Work with you to set up your own culture measurement - Key Behaviour Indicators (KBIs) to track alongside your other business KPIs. You will be able to track individual project progress as well as your cultural progress.
  • Share our knowledge and capabilities. Our aim is to get your internal team self-sufficient in all aspects of culture management.

Learn more: Download our Managing Behaviours report