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Key Behaviour Program

What it is:

You’ve identified and defined the behaviours your business needs to embed in the organisation to deliver your business targets. The Key Behaviour Program is a tailored 1-day workshop (delivered face-to-face or virtually) that educates and engages everyone in your business as to these new behavioural requirements.


What it does:

The Key Behaviour Program builds a critical mass of people displaying the new behaviours. It creates a common language; common skills set and common understanding from leadership through to front line staff.

It’s an informative, exciting and engaging process that builds enthusiasm for transformation in participants.

To deliver culture transformation, the Key Behaviour Program should always be part of a wider range of activities. We work carefully with clients to ensure the program is aligned with other initiatives.

Why choose Key Behaviour Program:

  • Each Key Behaviour Program is unique, tailored to the behaviours your organisation needs to deliver your goals.
  • It marries theoretical insights with practical examples and exercises. Participants leave the program with a plan of action.
  • We build connection to, and enthusiasm for, the culture journey taking place within your business.