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Influence Program

What it is:

Not all points of influence in an organisation come from the leadership down. The Influence program (delivered face-to-face or virtually) focuses on the importance of building skills in peer-to-peer influence. It’s a process that involves workshops to build engagement and culture management skills.

What it does:

Creates alignment and buy-in to the target culture across this pivotal organisational group. The program captures their inherent power for the purpose of culture transformation.

Participants leave with an understanding of how culture is created, how it can be changed, how to manage it, and how it can help to deliver the organisation’s business goals. We also explore the deeper beliefs of the BE-level as they recognise how they can successfully contribute to change.

Why choose Influence:

  • One of the few programs that recognises the importance of proactively engaging peer-to-peer influence in major transformations.
  • Maximises the involvement of key culture players and turns them into advocates for change.