Embedding new behaviours

At Walking the Talk, we know that you need friendly expert advice. You also need well tested tools to help you define and bring your target culture to life. We have created a set of practical tools and products that make culture transformation even simpler, faster, and more actionable.

Habi Nudge

You want to know that your investment in culture is working. You also want to keep pressure at all levels to embed the change. Habi was created with this purpose in mind, to not only track behaviour change day-to-day, but also to keep your target culture in everyone’s mind, all the time.

Habi is a personal and team development tool that helps people build new habits centred on a chosen pattern of behaviours. It takes the latest thinking in behavioural science combined with clever technology and allows your organisation to grow great habits in real-time.

Habi is:

  • Is customisable to your target culture.
  • Is quick and mobile-friendly.
  • Allows you to focus on only a few habits.
  • Involves quick, frequent surveying or “pulsing” so that it does not create a burden for participants.
  • Allows you to track progress at an individual and team level.
  • Has a mini 360 feedback element built-in.
  • Create simple trends lines to show how each habit is being adopted and observed.

What Habi does that you will find nowhere else

Building news habits quickly to support behaviour change among your employees, while allowing you to pulse the organisation.

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