Shifting to a culture of customer-centricity, achievement & innovation.

When we met them in September 2018, our client was at a transition point. They had merged in 2015, and now, with a new EMEA CEO and CTO in place, they set their sights on a new operating model that required product discovery, innovation and collective ways of working to set them up for growth. They had learned from their merger experience that their current culture would not carry the organisation to where they needed to be in the future.

There were worries that culture is fluffy, will be vague, drawn-out and navel-gazing but those were all unfounded."


Our business is very data-driven and so the research and pragmatic methodology has landed really well.”


It was like they had X-ray vision. They engaged everyone at speed…a really easy partnership with positive outcomes and meaningful results.’’


Bottom line

  • The Executive Team are making better decisions; have been able to accelerate change readiness; operate more effectively as a team.
  • Increased momentum across the organisation towards the tipping point for change.
  • The change has been seen as authentic and believable, engendering trust between teams and leaders.
  • Leader mindset and behaviour change occurred.
  • ‘Thinking customer’ is more embedded in the business creating.


  • Target Archetype Process (TAP) – Working with the Executive Team, we used our TAP process to identify culture goals, select the key behaviours and build their Culture Blueprint.
  • Culture Assessment - Using Walking the Talk’s Discover methodology and our six cultural archetypes, provided an in-depth analysis of the culture with clear recommendations on how to close the gap between the current culture and the culture blueprint.
  • Culture Plan development- Our culture planning process identified ways leverage the systems that drive culture at PPB.
  • Leading by Example - The Executive Team and their directs underwent our team development process, including assessment, advisory and team development.
  • Culture Influencers – We helped PPB to identify and prepare and activate key influencers.
  • Culture activation - Through Leadership huddles and knowledge transfer.