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What it is:

Foundation is an intensive 1-day workshop (delivered face-to-face or virtually) that introduces participants to culture concepts and culture management methodology.

Foundation | Workshop | Organisational Culture
What it does:

Foundation creates a common language, framework and understanding for your organisation to discuss, plan and manage culture. Participants leave with an understanding of how culture is created, how it can be changed, how to manage it, and how it can help to deliver the organisation’s business goals.

Foundation marries our framework with your reality. Your challenges form the basis for many of our practical exercises.

Why choose Foundation:

  • Foundation raises awareness and educates participants on core culture concepts and management practicalities. It creates a common language and framework on which the organisation can build.
  • It brings together theoretical insights with practical examples and exercises. Participants leave the program with a plan of action.
  • We inspire connection to - and enthusiasm for - the culture journey ahead.
  • It is a perfect introduction for anyone supporting a culture change process.