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Executive Development Program

What it is:

A facilitated process of interventions with the Executive Team which is structured to cover four dimensions of team performance: I, US, WE, and IT.

Our best results are achieved when a team commits to an on-going program of work, but we do provide facilitation of one-off workshops (delivered face-to-face or virtually).

Executive Development Program
What it does:

The ‘I’ dimension considers the individual and their leadership shadow, this can involve 360 degree feedback, individual coaching and individual behaviour development.

The ‘US’ dimension builds trust within the Executive Team. The tools and training we provide improve open dialogue, encourage greater levels of personal disclosure and build effective team habits. The team work on their collective leadership shadow (read about the Shadow of the Leader here) and reach consensus decisions as to how best to influence culture transformation as one voice.

The ‘WE” dimension covers the impact the executive has on the organisation, and helps them to lead a culture transformation by considering the impact they have on how others behave.

Strategy, goals and business planning are reviewed as part of the ‘IT’ dimension. It is a constant drumbeat of alignment between strategy and culture.

Together I-US-WE-IT provides a powerful force for the Executive that really does bring together the walk and the talk.

Why choose the Exec Program:

  • It is a challenging, powerful and personally transformative workout for your Executive.
  • It is flexible enough to adapt to tight executive schedules, whilst simultaneously ensuring that the Executive move away from their tendency to focus just on ‘the task’
  • We link the individual, with the team, with decisions taken, with business strategy and culture. There is a purity of understanding which comes from such clear alignment which is compelling and convincing.