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Download free Innovation ebook


The Innovation eBook contains a series of articles on how organisations can create innovative cultures.

Resource page Leading Culture

Leading Culture

Insights and practical advice on how leaders can initiate culture transformation in organisations.

Download free Empowerment eBook


How organisations can create and maintain empowerment in organisations.

Speaking up ebook

Speaking Up

Most cultures don't encourage people to speak up. Speak up: your culture's health depends on it.

Resource page Influencing Beaviour

Influencing behaviour

Behaviour management is a process that guides people to change their actions within a specific context.

Measuring Culture eBook

Measuring Culture

One of the most difficult and interesting questions that we at Walking the Talk get asked by our clients is how to measure behaviour change.

M&A  Resource page

The M&A eBook

The eBook contains a series of articles, with insights and practical advice on how to drive M&A success through effective culture management.

Communication ebook | Culture change

Culture Counts

The Communication eBook contains a series of articles, with insights and practical advice on how communication can improve organisational culture.

AI & Culture White Paper

Future impact of AI on culture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to become one of the most important business disruptors of our times. But what exactly is AI and what impact will it have on organisational culture?


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