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What it is:

Discover is our qualitative, deep-dive, culture diagnostic tool.

We run expertly-facilitated, 2-hour focus groups (delivered face-to-face or virtually) with a cross-section of your employees to reveal the beliefs and values that drive your culture.

Discover | Culture assessment | Organisational Culture
What it does:

Understanding the deeper drivers of culture is the foundation of genuine transformation. Discover provides a safe environment for your employees to share the values and beliefs they see in action.

The process provides profound insight into why your culture is the way it is. Discover goes below the surface of what you see in action and gets right inside the head and heart of the organisation.

Why choose Discover:

  • There is a richness of data revealed through open questioning and facilitation that is impossible to replicate solely in a quantitative survey.
  • The trust that we can create in a Discover session builds openness and honesty, allowing us to reveal your cultural truths.
  • The insights revealed will make your culture transformation journey easier to plan and execute, and allows you to maximise the ROI of investments you make in culture initiatives.