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Culture Capability Index (CCI)

What it is:

CCI is an online quantitative culture mapping survey that yields comparative data about your culture from across the organisation. Our survey is grounded in our Culture Archetypes, but we can, and have, tailored our report to reflect behaviours defined by our clients.

What it does:

The culture survey brings together a rich data set from across your divisions, regions and employee levels, to give you the most detailed picture possible.

Conducting a CCI gives you a clear insight into the nature of your current culture, and into the culture your people believe needs to be in place to deliver on your business strategy. It reveals points of cultural difference across your organisation, and will let you know your readiness for driving forward transformation. At the end of the process, you’ll receive a comprehensive report and full data set which can form the foundation of an annual cultural health check.

We recommend running a CCI and a TAP together. If TAP defines where you want to go a CCI shows you how far you have to go.

Why choose CCI:

  • CCI provides a robust view of your culture now and the distance you have to travel to reach your cultural aspirations.
  • CCI is focused on assessing culture, it is not an employee engagement survey.
  • CCI gives you a clear set of data showing your culture strengths and risks. It also gives you baseline metrics for measuring culture results.
  • CCI is grounded in our Culture Archetypes, a simple, yet sophisticated cultural shorthand that our clients find invaluable.