The Culture Archetypes.

Through our 30 years of hands-on experience, we’ve observed that most current and desired cultures can be described by one or more of these 6 cultural archetypes.


The archetypes serve as an invaluable jumping-off point for our clients when they’re designing the culture they
need for success. Don’t worry if a few of these resonate with you.


Cultures are unique, and the healthiest and most effective culture for your business may well contain elements from several of these archetypes.


The drive to get a result at any price. These organisations are disciplined, focused and accountable. They are fixated on the outcome.


The drive to fulfil promises to customers. These organisations live to understand and meet the needs of their customers. They design themselves from the outside in, putting the customer at the centre.


The drive to work seamlessly together to produce extraordinary results. In these organisations the individual is subsumed into an integrated whole that pulls together the best of everyone. One-team cultures have star teams, not teams of stars.


The drive to get continuously better. These organisations seek perfection and are unhappy with anything less. They break the rules and create the new, believing that they can produce things that others have not yet even considered.


The drive to be the best place to work. These organisations invest in building talent because they believe that with great, engaged people they can achieve their goals. In a people-people first culture, companies create environments for their people that recognise their immense value.


The drive is to contribute to society in ways that will make it a better place. Organisations with a greater-good culture are purpose driven and see beyond current customer needs to consider the needs of the future.

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