Walking the Talk Consulting Solutions

Working with Walking the Talk embeds culture management skills within your business management processes so you can deliver consistent results, despite changes in strategy or executive teams. After all, your culture is a living, breathing entity that requires constant care if it is to flourish.

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Walking the Talk Consulting Solutions
Your culture could, with the right leadership interventions, become your strongest asset.
Topic: Product & Services | Culture Change
We provide the tools to improve your performance in key cultural measures: Accountability, customer centricity, one-team, innovation, engagement and purpose/values-led.
Product & Services Culture Change
Core Qualities for Organisational Culture
Topic: Culture Change | Leading Culture

Our program is built to create “ah-ha” moments for participants. Our experience has demonstrated that our experiential learning methodology creates rapid and sustainable shifts in behaviour, which other methods do not.

Culture Change Leading Culture
Culture Capabilities Index | Assessing Culture
Topic: Assessment | Culture Change
Our proprietary tool is a culture-mapping instrument that allows organisations to perform rich demographic comparisons across the organisation.
Assessment Culture Change
A deep-dive diagnostic of root causes that takes you from insight to action.
Topic: Assessment | Culture Change
While surveys and questionnaires can describe the kind of culture that is present in your organisation, the Discover culture assessment uses confidential employee focus groups to delve even further.
Assessment Culture Change
The why, what, and how of culture
Topic: Culture Change | Education
This program builds confidence through a pragmatic, clear approach to culture and is designed for anyone who wants to influence organisational culture.
Culture Change Education
How to use symbols and systems to establish culture as a team leader
Topic: Leading Culture | Education
The program contains some of the fundamental models of culture so that attendees learn the common language of culture and can converse using similar frameworks to the culture champions.
Leading Culture Education
‘Culture changes when leaders start walking their talk’
Topic: Leading by Example | Leading Culture
Accelerating culture change to support your business objectives involves rapidly developing leaders as role models of the culture that you are looking to build.
Leading by Example Leading Culture
Engaging and coaching others in cultural standards
Topic: Influence | Education
Our Influence Program teaches techniques to influence the behaviour of others including the three core qualities required to lead any high quality culture.
Influence Education
How equipped are your leaders and managers to influence behaviours?
Topic: Influence | Education
The ‘Influencing Behaviours’ program is a vital step in creating genuine internal capability to manage and influence behaviour.
Influence Education
This program is essential for anyone in a leadership or management position.
Topic: Influence | Education
When leaders and managers understand what drives behaviour and have the tools to proactively influence this behaviour, they can positively drive significant business outcomes.
Influence Education
Does your organisation’s culture align to your business imperatives?
Topic: Assessment | Culture Change
TAP is an interactive workshop during which we will help you identify the culture you need to support the successful execution of your business strategy
Assessment Culture Change