Shifting to a culture of accountability and customer-centricity

Our client is Malaysia’s leading media company serving 5.7 million Malaysians (75% of households) across their TV, radio, digital and commerce platforms. With the appointment of a new CEO, and against the background of a fast moving industry, Astro was seeking to redefine themselves from the inside out.

Astro’s drive to change culture stemmed from a desire to significantly improve the customer experience and thereby enhance Astros reputation in the market; retain customers for the long term, mitigating significant threats from OTT competition, as well as financial loss due to piracy; and to leverage market dominance to grow.

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Bottom Line

Executive engagement; more aligned strategy; engagement of people at all levels; increasing pride; increasing innovation.

5 out of 6 indicators linked to culture have improved over 12 months

Customer focus has had a 15 point improvement and collaboration, continuous improvement, decision making and communication have increased by 10 points in the same period.

Astro Company culture Transformation


  • Visible and tangible shifts in leader behaviour starting to occur. Different decisions are being made, meetings are more effective, employees are being encouraged to speak up, leaders are more open, meetings are more effective.
  • Increased customer centricity, design thinking, customer at the heart of decisions – evidence of positive impact on churn
    Co-location of business units to maximise cross business learning has resulted in increased synergies and improved relationships.
  • Creation of single customer centric KPI and changes to the performance management system are increasing personal accountability and encouraging collaboration.
  • Relaunch of Values and activation of employees is increasing employee participation.
Astro company culture


  • Target culture and values definition.
  • Discover diagnostic and Blueprint.
  • Culture planning.
  • Leaders as role models (Executive, Senior leaders and middle managers).
  • Culture activation & communication.
  • HR capability build.
  • Culture Influencers activation.
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