Amanda Fajak Videos

Watch key insights on organisational culture from Walking the Talk Executive Director Amanda Fajak and learn from our clients how our work has helped improve and drive business performance. 

Watch the videos below: 

Amanda Fajak | Organisational Culture Insights
Culture Assessment Webinar video
Topic: Webinar | Assessment
Questions and discussion on how a culture assessment can help you understand your organisation’s current culture. 
Webinar Assessment
Culture and engagement video
Topic: Engagement | Measurement
Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains why you shouldn't get culture confused with engagement. 
Engagement Measurement
Foundation of trust? video
Topic: Organisational Culture | Influence
Learn about the important dimensions that are critical for building trust. 
Organisational Culture Influence
Landing page.png
Topic: Influence | Hierarchy
Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains why a formal hierarchy doesn't always equal influence.
Influence Hierarchy
 Key shifts you need to make to create an agile culture
Topic: Agile | Culture Change
Discover the 6 key shifts your organisation needs to make to move to an agile culture.
Agile Culture Change
Mindsets needed for agile culture?
Topic: Agile | Mindsets
Mindsets work together to create an agile organisation. Find out more about the ones you need to drive a shift to agile.
Agile Mindsets
What are the traps to avoid when creating an agile culture?
Topic: Agile | Culture Change
Learn about the 3 things to avoid when creating an agile culture:
Agile Culture Change
Creating an agile culture video
Topic: Agile | Culture Change
Agile culture is about continually finding ways to improve your organisation's approach.
Agile Culture Change
Why do you want to measure culture? video
Topic: Measurement | Organisational Culture
Find out why it's so important for a company not to get confused with its rhetoric and its reality. 
Measurement Organisational Culture