The Walking the Talk Culture Management System provides an integrated framework for ongoing culture management.                         Our approach enables you to:


• Save time and effort. We make culture design, change, and management do-able through an
 understandable methodology and easy-to-use tools and training.

Reduce reliance on outside consultants. Organisations must be able to achieve and maintain
 cultural management competency. We provide a coordinating framework and make culture 
do-able by you to reduce reliance on external consultants.

‘Future-proof’ culture management. By embedding culture management competency in your
 business management processes, you can help enable consistent business results in spite of
 changes in executive teams and strategies.

WTT-Man-logoCulture is created by your ‘walk’ much more than your ‘talk.’
The Walking the Talk Culture Management System allows you to systematically close the gap between ‘walk’ and ‘talk,’ so that you build trust with customers and employees.

Our easy-to-follow process helps you integrate culture work already in progress to accelerate progress, eliminate multiple restarts, and save time and money. Once the process is embedded, it weathers the arrival of new leaders and new strategies, and their requirements can be integrated as culture goals are set each year.




Our BE-DO-HAVE framework address business objectives, activities, and beliefs. 
 The tangible outcomes that you HAVE are the result of what you DO. What people DO is the result of what they think, feel, believe, and value. The Walking the Talk Culture Management System shows you how to cause changes at the BE level in order to change the DO level in order to HAVE a different outcome.



The Walking the Talk Culture Management System also identifies your organisation’s behaviours, symbols, and systems in order to understand how culture is communicated to employees.



We have identified six ‘archetypes’—or descriptions of most existing and desired cultures.

Depending on your goals, the Walking the Talk Culture Management System helps you increase competency in Achievement, Customer-Centricity, a One-Team approach, Innovation, People-First, or Greater-Good categories.

These archetypes can be combined to help achieve your unique culture target.