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Our consulting approach is designed to conscientiously guide your organisation to cultural transformation, whilst at the same time building the competency within your business to support, manage and lead culture.

Working with Walking the Talk embeds culture management skills within your business management processes so you can deliver consistent results, despite changes in strategy or executive teams. After all, your culture is a living, breathing entity that requires constant care if it is to flourish.

Our consulting solutions are customised to meet the specific needs in your organisation. Your cultural needs are unique, and we think your solutions should be, too.

Our approach:

  • Saves you time and effort by providing pragmatic solutions for the things you really need
  • Reduces your reliance on external consultants
  • Future-proofs your ability to manage culture

We often refer to our consulting approach as our Culture Transformation System.

Our Culture Transformation System brings together a profound understanding of culture, our culture concepts and models, a clear methodology with effective and proprietary tools, all delivered by an expert team through a customised solution for your organisation.

It is a logical, objective approach to an intuitive, subjective issue. As one of our clients said: we’ve developed a left-brain solution for a right-brain problem.

Our methodology sits at the heart of our Culture Transformation System and covers the four key areas we believe are vital to bring about culture transformation.

We call it the Equation for Change:

Equation for change - culture matters

Culture management equation for change


Whether you’re defining a business strategy or a culture strategy, you need three things; an understanding of where you are, an understanding of where you want to be, and an understanding of the journey you’ll need to take to get there.

Our Culture Design process provides the insights you need to define your culture strategy. It also lays the foundation for a targeted action plan to deliver your business goals.

Walking the Talk has a range of tried-and-tested tools that provide you with the most thorough culture assessment possible. From working through an intensive one-day workshop with your executive team to define the required target culture, to conducting qualitative and quantitative assessments that help you understand the what and why of your current culture across the business, to providing you with a uniquely-tailored culture blueprint that will guide all future work.


You can measure and monitor your culture as you can any aspect of your business - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Brand management was once thought to be an intangible corporate asset, and yet look at how businesses now invest in and manage their brands. At Walking the Talk, we have a fierce belief that you can do the same thing with your culture.

Working side by side with your internal team we will:

  • Design, define and deploy the unique projects your organisation needs to lead you to culture transformation.
  • Work with you to set up your own Key Behaviour Indicators (KBIs) to track alongside your other business KPIs. You will be able to track individual project progress as well as your cultural progress.
  • Share our knowledge and capabilities. Our aim is to get your internal team self-sufficient in all aspects of culture management.


The leadership of your organisation plays a vital part in the shaping, role modelling and leading of your culture's transformation.

Too often leadership see their role as simply defining the new culture, rather than truly living and leading it. Operating at a corporate, team and individual level, we take your leadership team through a practical program to build their cultural leadership skills. To learn to walk their talk.

Individuals gain a deeper appreciation of how their personal beliefs and behaviours shape the culture around them. Teams find new ways to collaborate and communicate about culture. The business becomes more aware of whether decisions taken are reflective of the desired culture, or entrenched in the old culture.

It’s a challenging and rewarding journey of transformation for executives, on both a personal and a collective level.


This is the phase most organisations put the most effort and investment towards in order to create a ‘buzz’ about the new cultural paradigm. It’s also where most cultural transformations stumble and fail. All the effort goes into creating a shiny, new, ‘talk,’ without ensuring that it’s aligned with the ‘walk’.

Our approach to informing, exciting and engaging people about the new required behaviours is controlled, exact and effective.

We focus our work on those key individuals in your business that are already attuned to the new culture norms or can readily influence those around them. Training, workshops and support give these individuals the ability to reach out and engage others in the business.

Combined with the Lead stream, this approach forms an unstoppable momentum towards a new, transformed culture.

Walking the Talk Products and Services

Products and services

Consulting services

Consulting services

Cultures are unique and we think a consulting solution should fit your organisation like a glove. At Walking the Talk, we provide an end-to-end, made-to-measure culture solution that’s tailored to your business needs.

We’ve been pioneering this work for over 25 years, which means we know what works, and what doesn’t.

Alongside consulting, we also offer stand-alone, customisable products to accelerate culture transformation best practice.

Why choose us:
  • We make a difference you can see, feel, measure and sustain.
  • Our methodology is based on grounded research, which means it has been developed in the field and has been proven to work.
  • Our methodology can flex, so only take what you need.
  • We focus on building internal capability that lasts beyond the project. We don't just give you a fish, we teach you to fish.
  • We only consult on culture. Which means we’re here to help you create a successful one, not look for other consultancy opportunities.
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Strategy and planning

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Culture assessment

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Culture metrics


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Capability building

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